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Welcome to Tacoma, Washington chat room. You can post your message by using the textbox below! - Admin
hello there
hi there just learning how to use the this chat
is there anyone else here to chat with
hi I'm here
anyway I can help with the reason for this kinda thing
I'm just gonna try this for a little bit
it's so hard to understand the importance to program these kinda chat site's to purposely make it more difficult than is necessary
yeah but the other thing is that I'm trying to figure out if it's actually intentionally confusing to figure out how to learn how to use most of these types of stuff.or is it possible that the
let me finish what I'm sure you are going to say
be my guest and hope to come to the same curiousness about it
it's only two possibilities, either the people who are programming most of the sites are either making it harder than it should be or, the ones that are programing the sites are well to put it kindly, they are Straight up Idiot's that haven't a clue
I'm thinking that it's a little of both
and the other thing is to the ones who is programming this is laughing at me right now for being an idiot that can't figure it out
ok now that I've had more time to closely examine the page, I think I figured out how to go to step two
that's what I'm talking about the way it is isn't as clear as it could be
now there is one more thing to try and figure out
how do we log out of this site 🤔😩
please I'd love to know if it's like that intentionally or something else,🥴
How are you
Hello new to this is there a way to chat pvt

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